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Aikido Kokikai Australia

About the Instructors

Glen Davison, Rockdale Aikido founder and head instructor began teaching aikido in 1993 at the UNSW branch of Aikido Kokikai Australia. He also founded the Macquarie University branch in 1996 and taught there until 2004 when he passed the running of this branch over to Gregor Erdman of Blue Leaf Dojo, a past student of Glen's who is now one of Kokikai Australia's head instructors. Glen also taught at Five Dock from 2005 to 2008.

Glen started learning aikido from Ozeki Sensei in 1990. He was awarded his Shodan grading (1st dan black belt) in 1994 and now holds a 4th dan black belt in Kokikai aikido. All black belt gradings are personally awarded by the Kokikai founder Sensei Shuji Maruyama.

Glen has interests in a wide range of martial arts including judo, various styles of tai chi and wing chun. When time and money permit, he enjoys travelling to Japan to train with Maruyama Sensei

Adam Archer started training in aikido in 1998, after being encouraged by his brother to try a martial art that was more for the non- aggressive thinking man. Being an aggressive individual that wasn't particularly intelligent, Adam relished the challenge to prove that aikido was for the common man... but in reality was really hoping that he would get the opportunity to wave sticks around and throw people through walls.

Adam started training at UNSW Aikido club under the tutelage of Shuji Ozeki sensei, Glen Davison, Stephen Hafer and Allen Iu. Adam achieved his black belt in 2002. He currently holds the rank of 2nd dan black belt, having to settle with throwing people into walls instead of through them for now. Adam has finally accepted that he will never be able to match Steven Segal in his aikido prowess, mainly because he can't grow the hair to have the ponytail so will never look that good. Instead he has decided to share with others the joy of aikido, in the hope that one day he will be able to live out his own unachieved ambitions through a student with long hair.

Outside of the dojo. Adam is a visual effects artist for television, mainly working on commercials. He hopes that the quality of his work will get people off the couch and into a local aikido dojo when they realise there is more to life than watching someone tell them they now need to brush their tongue and gums as well as their teeth. Adam is also well known to take his aikido a lot more seriously then he does writing bios.


Club History

Kokikai Rockdale held its first training session in May 2009. This branch is the most recently opened Sydney dojo of Aikido Kokikai Australia and the 3rd dojo founded by Glen Davison.

Aikido is a martial art founded in Japan in the twentieth century by Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. Its main influence is from jujitsu and its central tenet is to redirect and utilise an attacker's energy to neutralise an attack rather than opposing it with force. Techniques are predominantly defensive and tend to take the form of throws and immobilising joint locks.

The Kokikai syle of Aikido was founded by Shuji Maruyama Sensei, a direct student of Ueshiba Sensei and Tohei Sensei who was sent to the USA by Ueshiba to teach and spread aikido in the '70s. Some years after the death of Ueshiba, whilst still in the USA, Maruyama founded his Kokikai style of Aikido. Kokikai headquarters is now at Maruyama Sensei's dojo in Nagoya, Japan.

In 1989, Shuji Ozeki Sensei, a senior student of Maruyama Sensei founded the first Australian branch of Kokikai Aikido, based at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Shuji Sensei lived and taught in Sydney for 10 years after which he returned to Japan.

Ozeki Sensei still returns regularly to teach workshops in Sydney and Maruyama Sensei visits Sydney each year during the October long weekend as head instructor at the annual Kokikai Australia "Spring Camp". Black belt gradings are also held at this time.