Kokikai Aikido International

Aikido Kokikai Australia

Dates and Special Events

  • AKA Autumn Camp with Ozeki Sensei: Sydney
  • North East Region Seminar, winter, Brisbane
  • AKA Spring Camp with Maruyama Sensei: October long weekend (Saturday-Monday), Sydney


Day Time Location
Monday 8:00-9:30pm Rockdale
Thursday 8:00-9:30pm Rockdale

Please try to arrive 10 minutes early, to change, clean the room, do paperwork, etc.

NOTE: Classes will break from December 20th to January 4th.

  • Last class for 2016: Monday 19th December
  • First class for 2017: Thursday 5th January

Classes do not run on public holidays.


Training Location

St George PCYC
9 Ador Avenue
Rockdale NSW

Please see the contact page for contact phone numbers.



Regular students must hold a current subscription for Aikido Kokikai Australia and membership in PCYC NSW.

AKA annual subscription$80$40
PCYC NSW annual membership$18$8

NSW PCYC Yearly Membership is $18 for adults and $8 for juniors (under 18).
PCYC membership is required for the first class at the PCYC and is payable at the PCYC reception desk prior to training.

Aikido Kokikai Australia adult subscription is $80 per year. (July - June) Subscription covers all AKA clubs, and makes you part of a wider community.

Training Costs

Single Class$15$10

New students receive their first training session free


About the Classes

Classes are primarily aimed at adults, but high school students with a sufficient level of maturity are welcome.

Students' current fitness levels, flexibility and previous experience are taken into account by the experienced instructors; thus we cater to a wide range of student abilities. Students of varying levels enjoy training together and receive individual attention from the instructor within the group training session as well as support from their peers and the more senior students.

Training sessions incorporate some basic Japanese etiquette including bowing in greeting and during training. Students behave with courtesy and respect at all times. Students wear a gi whilst training (a standard japanese martial arts uniform that looks somewhat like white pyjamas). Either a judo or karate style gi may be worn. Students graded to black belt also wear a hakama (a black samurai style split skirt).

Students with pre-existing health conditions should discuss these with the instructor before training and all students should inform the instructor of any minor injuries or health concerns before commencing each training session.


What to bring to your first class

  • Money for PCYC membership (no training fee for your first class).
  • Loose comfortable clothes such as track pants and a t-shirt.
  • Shoes and socks are not worn whilst training.
  • Empty pockets, no watch or jewellery.
  • Fingernails and toenails should be cut short or taped.
  • Contact lenses are preferable to glasses if you wear them.
    Whilst it is extremely unlikely that an injury will result from wearing glasses, they can fall off and be accidentally stepped on. You could also consider training without either contact lenses or glasses.


Lower grade tests are conducted twice a year, and black and brown belt tests are held each October, administered by Maruyama Sensei (founder of Kokikai Aikido).

The Kokikai Japan system of belts and gradings are followed by Kokikai Australia, with only 3 different coloured belts worn - white for the lower grades, brown for intermediates, and black. Most changes in rank are not marked by a change in belt colour.

Whilst students learn at different rates, generally a student training regularly will take around 5 years to reach the level of shodan (first degree black belt).